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Latest movies & TV shows

Watch the newest blockbusters months before they're available on subscription services.

Pay as you go

No subscription, simply pay for what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.


  • Rent latest releases from £3.49
  • Buy latest releases from £8.99

TV shows

  • Buy episodes from £1.89
  • Buy series from £5.99

You can also enjoy lots of special offers, with prices from just 99p

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    Start playing within 30 days. Finish watching in 48 hours on up to 2 devices.

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    Own forever.
    Watch on up to 5 devices.

Where to watch

Stream or download the latest movies and TV shows on a range of devices.

  • Watch instantly

    Stream movies and TV shows online on an internet-connected device.

  • On the move

    Download straight to your device and enjoy movies and TV on the go. You can even watch downloads when you're abroad.

  • No DVDs or Blu-rays

    Because we don't send out DVDs or Blu-rays, you don't have to wait to watch or remember to post anything back to us.

A company

We're proud to be a new member of the TalkTalk family

  • You can trust us

    TalkTalk TV works with the big studios so you can rest assured that everything's 100% legal.

  • No subscription

    Rent or buy what you want to watch, with movies from 99p.

  • Best value

    TalkTalk is the UK's best value TV provider as voted by Money Supermarket

What you'll need to get started

There are just a couple of things you need to know before you make your first purchase.

  • Internet connection of 2Mbps+

    To enjoy TalkTalk TV you'll need a broadband speed of at least 2Mbps for SD and 5Mbps for HD.

  • Be in the UK

    To purchase, stream and download content you need to be in the UK, although you can watch downloaded content when you're abroad.

Watch your first movie for £1*

Create an account, deposit £1 and get £3.49 credit for your first movie.

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