• CERT 18
  • 2008
  • 1 HR 18 MINS
  • 48 RATINGS

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(Spanish language film with English subtitles)

A team of local TV reporters are following a squad of firemen on night duty. The footage is completely live and their task is to make a show about the life of these professionals who work while we are sleeping. The first job of the night is to rescue an old lady who is trapped inside her apartment but the routine rescue soon takes a sinister turn. Something evil is spreading throughout the building, out of control. Trapped inside, the firemen and the TV crew have to confront an unknown and lethal horror. Now, the only thing that matters is hiding, surviving and trying desperately to escape. They must keep on recording. No matter what happens. Until the very last moment.


Ferran Terraza Jaume Balagueró Jorge-Yamam Serrano Manuela Velasco Paco Plaza


Horror, World Cinema


Suitable only for adults.


1 hour 18 minutes



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