50 First Dates

  • CERT 12
  • 2004
  • 1 HR 35 MINS
  • 12 RATINGS
50 First Dates

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Henry Roth - played by Adam Sandler - works at a Hawaiian Sea World park as a marine biologist. He enjoys the company of women and spends his time picking up tourists - but the flings rarely last past the morning. One day, whilst eating breakfast at a local eatery, he sees Lucy - played by Drew Barrymore - and strikes up a friendship. They become firm friends immediately and agree to meet the next day. Unfortunately when the next day arrives, Lucy can't remember ever meeting Henry and he soon discovers that, following an accident, she suffers from short term memory loss. Her family and friends help by recreating the same day over and over. To Henry, Lucy is worth the effort, so every day he has to woo her again and again and trust that she falls in love with him every time.


Adam Sandler Dan Aykroyd Drew Barrymore Peter Segal Rob Schneider Sean Astin


Comedy, Romance


Contains moderate sex references and single scene of soft drug use


1 hour 35 minutes



50 First Dates
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