Alien Infiltration

  • CERT 15
  • 2012
  • 1 HR 32 MINS
  • 49 RATINGS
Alien Infiltration

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What do you do when you've just killed your redneck husband but your plans of collecting his junkyard estate are thwarted by the arrival of a spacecraft that crash lands into the barn where his body lies? Well, blame his death on the spaceman and then offer $100,000 cash reward to whoever can kill the uninvited, space-suited alien guest. Junkyard owner Tom Mazurski has just caught his younger bride Meghan messing around with the town muscleman, but before he can raise his hand to her, Meghan's mum snaps his head. The women want to cash in on his estate, but the arrival of the unwanted spaceship messes with their plans -- the ship lands in the barn, making it impossible to get to Tom's body. Without a body, there's no insurance, so the women offer $100,000 to whomever can get past the alien and bring the body home. Before long the junkyard in transformed into a war zone of man vs. machine vs. alien vs. God knows what!


Adrienne LaValley Colin Theys Cuyle Carvin Jeremy London Roddy Piper




Suitable only for 15 years and over


1 hour 32 minutes



Alien Infiltration
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