Bangkok Bound

  • CERT 18
  • 2011
  • 1 HR 29 MINS
  • 41 RATINGS
Bangkok Bound

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Six years ago Jack "The Ripper" Stemmons, an American boxer had his career destroyed by a St. Louis bookie. After Jack seeks revenge he is forced into hiding. Jack disappears half way around the world in Thailand. There he falls victim to the addictive spell of Bangkok's exotic and dangerous underworld. Eventually he finds solace in the arms of a beautiful prostitute who has been set in his path by a Russian gangster in order to get Jack back in the ring, This time in Bangkok's notorious underground fight clubs. No matter how hard Jack tries to distance himself from his past, it always hunts him down like a Bad Penny. When a mysterious fight fan appears, it's only a matter of time before Jack's past, present and future accelerate and collide into a twisted climax.


Bai Ling Casey T. Evans Todd Bellanca Tom Arnold


Action, Thriller


Suitable only for adults


1 hour 29 minutes



Bangkok Bound
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