Battle Over Normandy

  • CERT 12
  • 2013
  • 1 HR 30 MINS
  • 47 RATINGS
Battle Over Normandy

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Klaus is a battle-hardened World War II veteran. Injured during a life-and-death tank battle on the Russian Front, he is hospitalised and transferred to Normandy to serve under Field Marshal Rommel. Amid the constant Allied attacks and waves of aerial bombing, he discovers his beloved Klaudia, a field nurse, is stationed nearby. Now, not only must he survive another hellish episode on the front line, but he must risk everything by abandoning his duties to make sure Klaudia makes it out alive. Imprisoned by the Gestapo on the very dawn of D-Day, he is able to use the biggest invasion of World War II as cover for a daring escape. But as the Allies attack from the beaches and the air, Muller becomes caught in the midst of the advancing American forces. Can he find a way to escape, or will this prove to be his final battle?


Damian Chapa Timo Struckmann


Action, Drama


Contains moderate battle violence and one use of moderate language


1 hour 30 minutes



Battle Over Normandy
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