Cool Hand Luke

  • CERT 15
  • 1967
  • 2 HRS 1 MIN
  • 11 RATINGS
Cool Hand Luke

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Academy Award winner Paul Newman stars with George Kennedy in this story of a man who will not surrender to authority, even at the cost of his life.

When Luke Jackson (Newman) is sentenced to a Southern prison for a minor infraction, his intelligence, calm under pressure and inability to accept defeat soon gain him the respect of his fellow inmates on the chain gang and the nickname Cool Hand Luke. But they also earn Luke the enmity of the warden, who cannot allow any inmate to challenge his authority. When Luke's mother dies, he decides to escape ... and he will not allow anyone to stop him.


Anthony Zerbe Dennis Hopper Joe Don Baker Lou Antonio Morgan Woodward Paul Newman Ralph Waite Strother Martin Stuart Rosenberg Wayne Rogers


Action, Drama


Contains moderate violence and sexualised images


2 hours 1 minute



Cool Hand Luke
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