Despicable Me

  • CERT U
  • 2010
  • 1 HR 35 MINS
  • 275 RATINGS
Despicable Me

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Meet Gru, the man who’s hoping to become the world’s number one evil genius. He’s got the ‘evil’ part down, it’s just the ‘genius’ bit that he’s having problems with.
In a bid to out-do his arch enemy and main competitor, the dastardly Vector, Gru concocts a plan to pull off the greatest heist in history – by stealing the moon. Just when it seems like nothing except his own stupidity can stand in his way, he receives an unexpected visit from three young orphaned girls, who see the soft centre beneath his evil exterior. Can the world’s most despicable man become the world’s greatest dad?


Chris Renaud Danny McBride Jason Segel Julie Andrews Ken Jeong Kristen Wiig Pierre Coffin Russell Brand Steve Carell Will Arnett


Animation, Comedy, Family


Contains very mild scary scenes, slapstick violence and language.


1 hour 35 minutes



Despicable Me
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