End Of Days

  • CERT 18
  • 1999
  • 2 HRS 1 MIN
End Of Days

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From the creative talents behind Air Force One comes a chilling, horrific thriller starring action megastar Arnold Schwarzeneggar (Eraser). Jericho Cane (Schwarzeneggar) is an ex-cop turned private security detective whose job alongside his partner (A Few Good Men's Kevin Pollak) has become a tiresome routine of sleazy surveillance jobs. But when he is drawn into a heart-stopping game of cat and mouse revolving around a woman named Christine (The Craft's Robin Tunney) he becomes the reluctant hero in a battle for the future of humanity. Christine is the object of desire of what appears to be an ordinary man (Stigmata's Gabriel Byrne) who is in fact the ultimate force of evil, with supernatural powers beyond anyone's comprehension - and a plan that is both simple and catastrophic. Now, as the countdown to the end of days approaches, all that stands in the way of mankind's destruction is Christine's salvation. Her fate - and the world's - now rest in Cane's shaky hands.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Gabriel Byrne Kevin Pollak Linda Pine Peter Hyams Renee Olstead Robin Tunney Rod Steiger Vernon Campbell


Action, Thriller


Suitable only for adults


2 hours 1 minute



End Of Days
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