Escape From L.A.

  • CERT 15
  • 1996
  • 1 HR 36 MINS
  • 10 RATINGS
Escape From L.A.

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When John Carpenter and Kurt Russell teamed up for this sequel to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, the idea was to kick butt and have fun. They do just that in ESCAPE FROM L.A., an explosive film that recalls the classic original in all the best ways. Infamous adventurer Snake Plissken gets another raw deal when he is forced to rescue the President's daughter from the new prison island of Los Angeles. Mayhem ensues as Snake goes about his mission, leaving a wake of destruction behind him. Lighter and more tounge in cheek than the original, ESCAPE FROM L.A. provides loud, violent fun for both the fans of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK as well as newcomers to the films. There are great cameos provided by Peter Fonda, Bruce Campbell, Pam Grier and many more that give the film an extra layer of entertainment. Great special effects are a given in Carpenter films, and this one is no exception. ESCAPE FROM L.A. is fun fare from a master filmmaker.


Bruce Campbell Cliff Robertson John Carpenter Kurt Russell Michelle Forbes Pam Grier Peter Fonda Peter Jason Stacy Keach Valeria Golino


Action, Thriller


Suitable only for 15 years and over.


1 hour 36 minutes



Escape From L.A.
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