Friends With Money

  • CERT 15
  • 2006
  • 1 HR 28 MINS
  • 25 RATINGS
Friends With Money

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Friends With Money examines the shifting relationships between four women whose long-time friendship is challenged by the growing disparity in their degree of financial comfort. The three friends with money, Frannie (Joan Cusack), Jane (Frances McDormand) and Christine (Catherine Keener), share a concern for Olivia (Jennifer Aniston), who seems unable to make a living or sustain a relationship—at least by their standards. But their group examination magnifies their own doubts about their marriages and careers. Ultimately, Olivia finds stability from an unexpected place, but her own somewhat happy ending is muted by the harsh reality of the suddenly disassembled lives of her friends. The result is a painfully hilarious examination of modern life that manages to be both brutally honest and ultimately uplifting.


Catherine Keener Frances McDormand Greg Germann Jason Isaacs Jennifer Aniston Joan Cusack Nicole Holofcener Scott Caan Simon McBurney


Drama, Romance


Contains strong language and sex references


1 hour 28 minutes



Friends With Money
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