From Hell

  • CERT 18
  • 2001
  • 1 HR 57 MINS
  • 20 RATINGS
From Hell

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Based on the popular graphic novel, FROM HELL puts an intense psychological spin on the horrific legend of Jack the Ripper and unravels a chilling conspiracy involving the highest powers in England.

London, 1888. The city’s vast disparity of wealth has produced masses of poor and indigent. Preying on these helpless souls is Jack the Ripper, a brutal serial killer who threatens to steal from them their only possession: existence.

The lone authority seemingly concerned with protecting these “unfortunates” is Inspector Fred Abberline (Johnny Depp). As his investigation proceeds, he finds himself in a tangle of conspiracy that threatens the woman he loves and implicates the most powerful men in England.

FROM HELL is at both a fantastical tale, and an intriguing take on the most famous unsolved murders in modern history.


Albert Hughes Allen Hughes Heather Graham Ian Holm Ian Richardson Jason Flemyng Katrin Cartlidge Robbie Coltrane Susan Lynch Terence Harvey




Suitable only for adults.


1 hour 57 minutes



From Hell
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