George Of The Jungle

  • CERT U
  • 1997
  • 1 HR 28 MINS
George Of The Jungle

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The irresistibly charming George of the Jungle (Brendan Fraser) debuts on the silver screen after his legacy as a 60s cartoon hero. This rollicking, live-action epic - complete with the immortal hit theme song - swings from comedy to action to adventure to drama to romance with a sharp blend of humour, slapstick, dazzling special effects, social satire and larger-than-life jungle adventure. In this fun-filled tale of valiant rescues, amorous love with a beautiful career woman, Ursula (Leslie Mann), and the opportunity to move to the city and live as a civilised human with all the comforts of modern-day life, George is ultimately compelled to return to his jungle habitat to fight off nefarious poachers, defend his friends the wise Ape, the Tookie Tookie bird and his trusty elephant Shep. In the end, with Ursula by his side, George finds that love conquers all as he regains his rightful position on the throne as King of the Jungle.


Abraham Benrubi Brendan Fraser Greg Cruttwell Holland Taylor John Bennett Perry Keith Scott Leslie Mann Richard Roundtree Sam Weisman Thomas Haden Church


Comedy, Family


Contains mild language and comedy violence


1 hour 28 minutes



George Of The Jungle
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