Hotel for Dogs

  • CERT U
  • 2009
  • 1 HR 40 MINS
  • 30 RATINGS
Hotel for Dogs

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The hilarious family comedy Hotel For Dogs stars Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew), Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place), Don Cheadle (Ocean’s 11), Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage), the exciting and inspiring animal adventure shows just how far friendship and imagination can take you. When two orphans find themselves in a foster home with a strict "no pets" policy, they set out to find a home for their canine companion and end up creating a haven for all the strays in the city. Filled with loveable dogs and ingenious kids, Hotel For Dogs has the kind of pedigree that the whole family can enjoy. Loaded with over 45 minutes of special features, the Hotel For Dogs DVD presentations include the making of Hotel For Dogs, behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, photo galleries and more, as well as commentary from director Thor Freudenthal, producer Ewan 'Jack' Leslie and cast members Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin.


Ajay Naidu Don Cheadle Emma Roberts Jake T. Austin Lisa Kudrow Thor Freudenthal Troy Gentile




Contains mildly scary moments, mild language and slapstick violence


1 hour 40 minutes



Hotel for Dogs
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