Mystic River

  • CERT 15
  • 2003
  • 2 HRS 17 MINS
  • 25 RATINGS
Mystic River

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Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood directs Sean Penn and Tim Robbins in Oscar-winning performances in this tale of a seemingly senseless murder ... and how the tragedy reawakens the buried trauma of a long-ago crime.

In Boston 25 years ago, 11-year-old Dave Boyle unwittingly gets into a car with two strangers. When he returns four days later, Dave is different in a way that destroys his friendship with Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus.

Now Sean's a cop, Jimmy's a neighborhood store owner with a prison record and mob connections, and Dave's trying hard to keep his demons safely submerged. But when Jimmy's daughter is murdered, each of the men must confront a past that none wants to acknowledge. As the investigation tightens around these three, an ominous story unfolds - of friendship, family and innocence lost too soon.


Clint Eastwood Kevin Bacon Laura Linney Laurence Fishburne Marcia Gay Harden Sean Penn Tim Robbins




Contains strong violence and language


2 hours 17 minutes



Mystic River
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