Night at the Museum

  • 2007
  • 1 HR 48 MINS
  • 16 RATINGS
Night at the Museum

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The hallowed halls of the Natural History Museum are lined with the most amazing things - wild-eyed prehistoric creatures, fierce ancient warriors, long lost tribes, African animals and history’s legendary heroes - all frozen forever in time. Or... are they? In the action-adventure-comedy, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, the brand new night guard at the Natural History Museum is about to discover that when the visitors go home at the end of the day, the real adventure begins – as the museum’s stuffed, waxed and well-preserved residents come out to play.

The fantastical adventure kicks off when Larry Daley (BEN STILLER), a down-and-out dreamer whose imaginative ideas have never paid off, finds himself in desperate need of a job. Larry has always believed he was destined for big things. But he has no idea just how literally gargantuan and hairy a challenge he will face when he grudgingly accepts the supposedly menial graveyard shift as a security guard at the Natural History Museum.


Ben Stiller Bill Cobbs Jake Cherry Shawn Levy Steve Coogan


Comedy, Drama, Family


Contains comic scary moments


1 hour 48 minutes



Night at the Museum
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