Nitro Circus: The Movie

  • CERT 15
  • 2012
  • 1 HR 32 MINS
  • 28 RATINGS
Nitro Circus: The Movie

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Adrenalin-fuelled and packed with never-before-seen stunts and hilarious mayhem, NITRO CIRCUS stars athletes from the world famous Nitro Circus, under the stewardship of the world's greatest actions sports athlete, Travis Pastrana, a true Modern Day Evel Knievel who serves as master-of-ceremonies and ringleader to this group of intrepid, fearless, and inventive band of risk-takers performing a range of death-defying feats which come to life in full 3 Dimensional glory! In NITRO CIRCUS 3D, the core group of intrepid thrill-seekers bring their energy to the screen in what can only be described as an Action Sports meets Jackass film experience, marrying the gripping rush that is action sports with some of most laughably dumb challenges that jackasses can set for themselves!


Gregg Godfrey Jeremy Rawle Travis Pastrana


Action, Comedy, Documentary


Contains dangerous stunts and strong language


1 hour 32 minutes



Nitro Circus: The Movie
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