North Face

  • CERT 12
  • 2008
  • 2 HRS 6 MINS
  • 14 RATINGS
North Face

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Mountaineering adventure based on an incredible true story. Summer 1936. Toni and Andi are passionate mountain climbers. There's one mountain in particular that fascinates them: the Eiger North Face, the most dangerous rock face in the Alps, which has yet to be scaled. Being the first means not only a longed-for boost of their social standing, but also Olympic gold. As they get ready for their climb, they meet Luise, Toni's childhood sweetheart, a journalist who has been sent to report about the conquest of the mountain with her fellow reporter Arau, a Nazi follower. While a dramatic struggle for survival unfolds on the North Face, Luise sets out to save her lover. A race against time and the forces of nature begins...


Benno Fürmann Johanna Wokalek Philipp Stölzl Ulrich Tukur


Action, Drama


Contains infrequent bloody injury detail


2 hours 6 minutes



North Face
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