Office Space

  • CERT 15
  • 1999
  • 1 HR 30 MINS
  • 41 RATINGS
Office Space

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Peter Gibbons is a computer programmer working for Initech in Houston. For Peter, stuck in his cookie-cutter apartment with paper-thin walls and IKEA furniture, every day is worse than the one before it. He and his friends Samir and Michael Bolton suffer endless indignities and humiliations in their bland workspace from their soulless boss, Bill Lumbergh. To cap it off, Initech has hired a pair of "efficiency experts" to downsize the company.

Peter's soon to be ex-girlfriend Anne forces him to go to an occupational hypnotherapist to relieve work stress. But while Peter is under hypnosis, the therapist keels over and dies. Still under hypnosis, Peter has a new outlook on life.

Instead on going to work the next day, Peter drives down to a restaurant next to his office and asks the waitress he's had a crush on, Joanna, on a date. When Peter's finally called in to talk to the efficiency experts, he charms them as he describes everything wrong with the office, including his boss.


Ajay Naidu David Herman Diedrich Bader Gary Cole Jennifer Aniston John C. McGinley Mike Judge Richard Riehle Ron Livingston Stephen Root




Suitable only for 15 years and over.


1 hour 30 minutes



Office Space
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