Sea Purple

  • CERT 15
  • 2011
  • 1 HR 30 MINS
  • 16 RATINGS
Sea Purple

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(Foreign language film with English subtitles)

Growing up in 19th-century Sicily, rebellious Angela (Valeria Solarino, Angels of Evil) finds herself attracted to her best friend Sara (Isabella Ragonese, La Nostra Vita). As deep friendship turns to passion, Angela’s strict father (Ennio Fantastichini, Loose Cannons) demands that the relationship cease and that she marry one of his workers. Refusing, Angela is locked away until her resourceful mother comes up with a solution that enables her to live with her lover, and seemingly satisfy convention. Based on a true story, this beautiful and seductive film dramatically portrays a historical case of gender-bending.

Based on a true story and starring Italy’s best known young actresses including Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino, The World is Not Enough), Sea Purple has drawn comparisons to The Secret Diary of Miss Anne Lister in its depiction of a landmark lesbian love story.


Donatella Maiorca Ennio Fantastichini Isabella Ragonese Maria Grazia Cucinotta Valeria Solarino


Drama, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, World Cinema


Suitable only for 15 years and over


1 hour 30 minutes



Sea Purple
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