The Banquet

  • CERT 15
  • 2006
  • 2 HRS 11 MINS
The Banquet

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Loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The Banquet is a visually spectacular and emotionally charged journey about a fight for power, and the quest for revenge. As beautiful as she is young, and as limber as she is smart, Empress Wan (Zhang Ziyi) can launch a thousand ships with her charm and fight a hundred soldiers with her sword. But something is lacking in her life. Unfulfilled in her royal boudoir, she harbors forbidden desires for her stepson Prince Wu Luan (Daniel Wu), an introverted and melancholic young man four months her senior, who shies away from the palace to indulge in the ancient art of music and dance. After the sudden death of the Emperor and the immediate succession of his devious brother Li (Ge You), a troop of soldiers are dispatched to assassinate the young Prince Wu Luan. With danger never far away, the Prince must decide whether to fight for his place as ruler or to accept his fate under Li. But as the politics of the situation threaten to erupt into ferociou


Daniel Wu Xiaogang Feng Xun Zhou Ziyi Zhang


Action, Drama


Contains strong violence


2 hours 11 minutes



The Banquet
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