The Beach

  • CERT 15
  • 2000
  • 1 HR 59 MINS
  • 23 RATINGS
The Beach

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At a cheap hotel in Bangkok, young American traveler Richard meets Daffy, an older traveler ravaged by years of sun and drugs, who tells Richard the improbable tale of a secret island, a paradise on earth. The next day, Richard finds a hand-drawn map of the island pinned to his door. Richard, along with two fellow travelers Francoise and Etienne, decide to follow the map. Their journey finds them risking their lives but they come upon a small community of travelers like themselves, living in a secret paradise. Yet beneath the surface, this heaven on earth is less than perfect. Richard finds himself more than a witness to an incident of bloodshed. The dream has become a nightmare; paradise has turned to hell. Now his only goal is to leave...if he can. Escape will not be easy; the beach is a secret place, a secret that some will defend to the death.


Danny Boyle Leonardo DiCaprio Robert Carlyle Tilda Swinton Virginie Ledoyen




Contains strong language, sex, violence and drug use


1 hour 59 minutes



The Beach
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