The Net

  • CERT 12
  • 1995
  • 1 HR 54 MINS
  • 15 RATINGS
The Net

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Sandra Bullock stars as Angela Bennett, a freelance computer analyst whose quiet life begins to change after a top-secret computer program falls into her hands and a colleague has a mysterious plane crash. Escaping for a much-needed vacation on the beach in Mexico, she meets a charming, wealthy young businessman (Jeremy Northam). But guarded enthusiasm is replaced by fear when Angela is nearly killed for the computer diskette that holds the program. Not only has she lost her keys, passport, and identification papers, Angela soon learns that, using the Internet, someone has altered every record of her life. With a suspicious new name and identity, a falsified police record, no identification or credibility, Angela must search within herself for the strength and resources to fight the seemingly unbeatable forces determined to silence her.


Irwin Winkler Jeremy Northam Sandra Bullock


Drama, Thriller


Suitable for 12 years and over.


1 hour 54 minutes



The Net
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