The Numbers Station

  • CERT 15
  • 2013
  • 1 HR 29 MINS
  • 103 RATINGS
The Numbers Station

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In order to stay alive, there are three things you need to know: who to trust, who to protect and who to kill.
Disgraced Black Ops agent Emerson (Cusack) is sent on a routine assignment to protect Katherine (Akerman) at a rural CIA broadcast station. But this easy job quickly becomes the most dangerous mission of his life as the station comes under attack from an unknown, but determined, outside force.
With communication lines in serious jeopardy, an unclear target and no means of escape, Emerson and Katherine seek refuge in the bowels of the bunker. As the enemy drills down ever closer to the two agents, they face a life-and-death struggle, from which finding out the truth is the only exit strategy.
For decades secret agents have received assignments from number stations around the world. Denied by governments, these untraceable broadcasts can still be heard today, picked up through shortwave radio signals both by those who are listening and those who aren’t.


John Cusack Kasper Barfoed Malin Åkerman


Action, Thriller


Contains strong language, violence and threat


1 hour 29 minutes



The Numbers Station
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