The Perfect Storm

  • CERT 12
  • 2000
  • 2 HRS 4 MINS
  • 14 RATINGS
The Perfect Storm

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Sebastian Junger's phenomenal best seller hits the screen starring George Clooney as the veteran skipper of a fishing boat on a collision course with fate in the suspense-filled true story of The Perfect Storm.

Just days after returning from a disappointing fishing trip, Andrea Gail captain Billy Tyne (Clooney) decides to return to the sea to trawl for swordfish one last time before the season ends. From the port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Tyne and a five-man crew that includes seaman Bobby Shatford (Mark Wahlberg) set sail for the Flemish Cap, rich fishing grounds far beyond the vessel's normal range. Out at sea, Tyne learns of an impending storm but thinks he can outrun it. Little does he know that he's contending with not one but three weather fronts that unite to create the fiercest, most destructive storm of the 20th century!


Bob Gunton Cherry Jones Diane Lane George Clooney John C. Reilly Karen Allen Mark Wahlberg Michael Ironside William Fichtner Wolfgang Petersen


Drama, Thriller


contains strong language and moderate horror


2 hours 4 minutes



The Perfect Storm
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