The Sum Of All Fears

  • CERT 12
  • 2002
  • 1 HR 59 MINS
  • 34 RATINGS
The Sum Of All Fears

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Ben Affleck stars as Jack Ryan, the CIA agent from Clancy's THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, PATRIOT GAMES, and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. Here, Ryan is dealing with a terrifying new problem: a nuclear weapon has fallen into the hands of foreign terrorists who are determined to create a war between Russia and the U.S.
As the film begins, a South African arms dealer (Colm Feore) acquires a long-lost nuclear weapon and sells it, at great profit, to a resurgent group of fascists led by Dressler (Alan Bates), who plans to lure the U.S. and Russia into a war. Soon after, the Russian premiere dies and the relatively unknown Nemerov (Ciaran Hinds) replaces him. But U.S. president Fowler (James Cromwell) smells a rat, and calls CIA chief William Cabot (Morgan Freeman) and special agent Jack Ryan (Affleck), the junior analyst who has been researching Nemerov, into action.


Alan Bates Ben Affleck Bruce McGill Colm Feore James Cromwell Liev Schreiber Morgan Freeman Phil Alden Robinson Philip Baker Hall Ron Rifkin


Action, Drama, Thriller


Contains strong language once, and moderate violence and sex references


1 hour 59 minutes



The Sum Of All Fears
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