The Whole Ten Yards

  • CERT 12
  • 2005
  • 1 HR 35 MINS
  • 10 RATINGS
The Whole Ten Yards

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In hiding in Mexico, hit man Jimmy The Tulip Tudeski (Bruce Willis) has become a veritable Martha Stewart, cooking and cleaning up a storm. Meanwhile, his new wife Jill (Amanda Peet) is distraught that her own career as an assassin has yet to take off. When Jimmy's ex-wife Cynthia (Natasha Henstridge) is kidnapped by Hungarian mobster Lazlo Gogolak (Kevin Pollak), her husband, klutzy dentist Nicholas Oz Oseransky (Matthew Perry) turns to Jimmy for help. Soon, Jimmy, Jill, and Oz are involved in a game of cat and mouse with Lazlo and his men trying to trade Cynthia for Lazlo's dim-witted adult son, whom the trio has kidnapped. But do Jimmy and his ex have a secret that they're not sharing with their spouses


Amanda Peet Bruce Willis Howard Deutch Matthew Perry


Action, Comedy, Thriller


Contains infrequent strong language, moderate violence and sex references


1 hour 35 minutes



The Whole Ten Yards
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