Relic Hunter

  • CERT G
  • SERIES 1-2
  • 13 RATINGS
Relic Hunter

Relic Hunter follows the globe-trotting adventures of unorthodox American archaeologist Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere) - and her more reserved British assistant Nigel Bailey (Christien Anholt). They are assisted at their 'home base', a generic American university identified only as Trinity College, by ditzy student secretary Claudia (Lindy Booth), the spoiled and fashion-conscious daughter of one of the college's major donors. The character of Claudia was replaced in the third season by Karen Petrushky (Tanja Reichert), who is closer to the standard 'sexy secretary' stereotype but with a facility for predicaments of a bureaucratic nature.


Drama, Sci-Fi


General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children


2000 - 2001

Relic Hunter
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