Sex and Shopping

  • CERT 18
  • SERIES 1-2
  • 16 RATINGS
Sex and Shopping

A highly entertaining series investigating all aspects of the pornography industry and contemporary attitudes to commercial sex and censorship. The series begins with a one-hour special introductory programme which visits Van Nuys, California to go behind the scenes at Vivid Video, the MGM of hardcore pornography and home of the hottest girls in the business, the Vivid Girls. Other episodes feature Cream Entertainment where English producer John T Bone is filming established star Houston in an anal sex scene, a sex shop owner who wins an Order of Merit from the German Parliament for her work, an exploration of gay and lesbian pornography, and a look at the darker elements of the sex industry, including an ex-porn actress who has established a counseling service for porn stars who can no longer deal with the pressure of their work.




Suitable only for adults


1998 - 1999

Sex and Shopping
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