Wilfred (The Original Series)

  • CERT 18
  • SERIES 1-2
Wilfred (The Original Series)

Enjoy the complete Season 1 of the original Australian version of the BBC3 hit series, WILFRED. This series stars Jason Gann, star of the US version of WILFRED, as the foul mouthed, pot smoking, trouble making mongrel, Wilfred, and Adam Zwar, star of the BBC4 comedy Lowdown. Adam can hardly believe his luck when he's invited by Sarah, a gorgeous young woman he met at a rock concert. This joy is quickly turned on its head when Adam meets Wilfred - Adam sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit, to everyone else Wilfred is just a dog! Wilfred is determined to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible and sabotage his chances with his loving owner Sarah. Adam is forced to question his sanity afer his life is turned into a pyschological war with a pot smoking, beer swilling, foul mouthed, yet strangely insightful 9 year old dog who thinks he's human.




Suitable only for adults.



Wilfred (The Original Series)
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